umc-market-logoUMCmarket has partnered with hundreds of online stores that will donate a portion of your purchase back to Aldersgate! This secure, online shopping program is an easy way for you and your friends and family to support the mission and ministries of our church. At UMCmarket, you can choose to shop from stores in many different categories! Each store donates a different percentage back to our church, some as high at 11%!

UMCmarket has been vetted and approved by the UMC’s General Council of Finance and Administration. is safe and secure and your information is protected by its privacy policy and will not be disclosed to a third party.

How do you get started?

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Get started button
  3. Click the Sign up with email (or Sign up with Facebook) button
  4. Enter your email and a password
  5. Click the Register button
  6. Optionally run the PlugIn for the Easy Give button (you don’t have to do this – and can set it up later if you wish by clicking the Apps tab when you login)
  7. Next, search for Aldersgate Rochester (that’s us!)
  8. Click the Detail button, and click the Donate to Organization button
  9. Now you are ready to shop! Each time you log in you should see that Aldersgate is your selected organization right on your shopping page.
  10. Simply find the store you want and Click to Shop

If you load the optional plugin, the button will pop up automatically when you visit a participating site. No searching through discounts, easy!

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