Online Giving

Aldersgate UMC  accepts donations online through a secured online service called Vanco Payment Solutions. With online giving, you can donate to Aldersgate UMC at any time. Donations may be made by major credit cards or through regular recurring payments from your bank (requires registration with Vanco for recurring payments). If you choose to register on the Vanco site (not required) you will be able to track and manage your ongoing donation activity online.

How Does It Work

After visiting the secured online payment site:

  1. Send a one-time donation
  2. Set up recurring payments (monthly, weekly, bi-weekly)
  3. Use any valid checking account, debit card, or credit card

Please Consider the Fees

To ensure that your contribution to Aldersgate UMC isn’t reduced by fees imposed by card processing companies or bank transactions fees, we suggest that donations using this online service include an amount to cover the fees. The average fees for those using credit cards are 2.5% and the average fee for those using e-checks is 1%.

Example Fees:

Average Fee for Automatic Debit:

$25 + 1.0% = $25.25 $100 + 1.0% = $101.00 $500 + 1.0% = $505.00

Average Credit Card Fee:

$25 (one-time or recurring) + 2.5% = $25.65 $100 + 2.5% = $102.50 $500 + 2.5% = $512.50

Offline Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Form

If you rather signup offline, you can download the EFT Form and mail it to the church office.

Download “AUMC EFT Form”

AUMC-EFT-Form.pdf – Downloaded 1838 times – 110.05 KB
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