Have you ever heard or sung this song? The lyrics go:

“Mountains are all aglow with autumn colors so bright; rivers are filled with water, giving life to our days. Golden fields wave their praise to God’s bountiful harvest; gratefully, rising skyward, we sing our joyous songs of praise! (Refrain) Reaching as far as the eye can see, reaching as far as humble hands can toil, every harvest is from our Lord, every blessing is from our God. Praise for the harvest, thanks to our God. Praise for the harvest, give praise to God.”

This is the first verse from #86 “Mountains Are All Aglow” in the United Methodist Hymnal. Interestingly, this hymn was penned by Ok In Lim (words) and Jae Hoon Park (music) in 1967 and was translated by Rev. Hae Jong Kim.

I sang this hymn many times when I was in Korea. It is often sung during the autumn season to thank God for the harvest.

If you’ve had a chance to hear this hymn before (you can now find it on YouTube), you might notice its tune is somewhat different from traditional Western hymns. That’s because it’s based on a popular Korean folk song.
The message of this hymn is to praise God and offer thanks for the beauty of nature and the abundance of the harvest season. I like this hymn and love singing it during the Thanksgiving season.

November is both the season of Thanksgiving and the month of Stewardship.

We often find ourselves swamped in our fast-paced world, always on the move. Amid this busyness, it’s important to pause, slow down, and reflect on God’s blessings. Let’s appreciate the small wonders, like the flowers on the ground or the changing colors of nature.

Furthermore, during this special season of Thanksgiving, why not remember our role as God’s stewards? How can we serve God and love our neighbors with the talents and gifts we’ve received from Him?

Pastor Yohang

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