It’s March 19 and it seems like May. I’m enjoying the warm weather and all the signs of new life. I can’t help but think that winter isn’t really over, that one morning we’ll wake up and there will be snow covering my daffodils. It’s just too early for spring in Rochester. I’m sure we’ll still need to go through some cold days before it’s here for good.

It’s also almost Easter, but there are some “cold” days we need to go through before we get there. There’s a couple more weeks in Lent culminated by what we know as Holy Week. Holy Week begins on April 1st (no fooling) with Palm/Passion Sunday. That day we will celebrate with a palm-parade and then hear the story of Jesus’ suffering and death read from the Gospel according to Mark. On Tuesday, the women are invited to participate in a Meal in the Upper Room at 6:30 PM. On Maundy Thursday or Holy Thursday (April 5) at 7:00 PM, we will come together to remember our Lord’s last supper. We will have the opportunity to have our feet washed (Those who choose to participate in this optional part of the service may want to not wear stockings that evening.) We will also share together the Lord’s Supper. On Good Friday (April 6), there will be a prayer vigil in the Chapel from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. You can sign up ahead of time or you can just stop in. Joyce Farrokh has again prepared a guided mediation for those who chose to use them. At 7:00 PM, we will have a Good Friday worship service. The week culminates, of course, with the glorious celebration of Jesus’ resurrection on Easter Sunday (April 8).

I encourage you to participate in all these opportunities to grow in faith through focusing on Jesus suffering, death, and resurrection. Going through the “dark, cold” days make us better able to appreciate the warmth and light of Easter. As we walk with Christ through his suffering and death, we come to know more fully the great depth of his love—love that can transform our lives and bring new life and joy as we proclaim, “Christ is risen!”

Blessings and prayers,

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