cornucopia-136x90Give Thanks for God’s Bounty

What a beautiful fall we’ve had. Only a good God could create such beauty! I thank God for the great variety and beauty in God’s creation. I thank God for all of you — for those I’ve seen grow in faith and service to Jesus Christ; for those who work behind the scenes to make things work at Aldersgate; for those who have heard the call to help out in various ministries and responded; for all those who contribute financially to the church according to their means. I give thanks for family and friends and food and shelter and so much more. Above all I give thanks to God for God’s unconditional love in Christ Jesus our Lord! What are you thankful for today?

I pray that you are still praying for a mighty work of the Holy Spirit at Aldersgate and are “ALL IN”: INterceding (praying for) your friends who aren’t part of a church family, INvesting time in your relationships with them, and actively praying for an opportunity to INvite them to join you at church so together we can INtroduce them to the love of God in Christ Jesus. Don’t lose heart. Keep on INterceding and INvesting. Persist in prayer.

I also pray you have been encouraged and challenged by the “Remember the Future” study. The church council will be looking at the input you’ve provided for recurring themes toward which the Holy Spirit is directing us as we move into the future together. Thanks for taking the time to be a part of it.

With love and thanksgiving,

Pastor Anne


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