There is an important day in May; that day is Mother’s Day. In light of this
special day, I find myself pondering a question: “As a mother, how do you want to be remembered by your children?” My mother passed away in 2003 while I was studying at Drew Seminary in New Jersey. It has already been 21 years, yet my memories of her are clear and vivid. I miss her immensely, especially when I have good news and joyful things to share.

I used to call my father weekly and talk with him over the phone before he passed away in 2023. However, our conversations rarely lasted longer than five minutes. Meanwhile, when my wife, Joyce, talks with her mother, their calls can last over an hour, sometimes even two. If I were able to call my
mother, I imagine our conversations would last at least half an hour.

Whenever I think of my mother, an image of her praying comes to mind. I
saw her in prayer for many years, and her devotion profoundly influenced me. My mother emphasized the importance of prayer when I was in college and seminary. “Hey, son, you must pray a lot if you want to be a good pastor,” she would say. Frankly speaking, at that time, I didn’t take her advice seriously.
I replied, “Mom, I understand what you’re saying, but I have a lot of things to do—studying, working… I’ll pray a lot later, just not right now.”

Even after graduating from seminary and starting my ministry in a local church, I failed to grasp the importance of prayer. I merely tried to apply what I had learned in seminary to my ministry. However, it wasn’t effective. Over time,
I began to realize that ministry required more than knowledge, experience,
or information. I understood the importance of prayer and its power. My mother’s advice, “Pray, pray, and pray,” began to resonate deeply with me.
I understood why my mother prayed so fervently and so often. I now grasp her message and advice for my ministry. My mother showed me how to pray and served as an excellent role model, for which I am thankful to God.

In May, and particularly on Mother’s Day, I am especially grateful for my
mother, her prayers, and her devout life. “Mom, I miss you.”

Pastor Yohang

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