Thanks Be to God!

It’s been a good five years at Aldersgate Church. Jung and I are so thankful to God for Aldersgate Church — for the wonderful opportunities to be in ministry with you all. What a privilege and blessing to partner in mission for Christ with you all. Even though we leave Aldersgate Church, we will continue to keep you and Aldersgate Church in our prayers.

God loves Aldersgate Church. God has a special purpose for Aldersgate Church. God gathered His people for His mission at Aldersgate Church. God has blessed Aldersgate Church with people of deep faith, passionate heart, and strong commitment. God will continue to be with Aldersgate Church as you all serve Him together for His mission.

I would like to share a few words with you from my heart:

· Keep Jesus’ love in your heart. In the love of Jesus, there is power that nothing in the world has. As you gather, worship, pray and serve with
the love of Jesus, God will bless Aldersgate Church and its ministry and mission.

· Be kind and compassionate to one another. Where there is anger or
hatred, there is no room for Jesus. Love one another with humility.

· Keep your hope in God’s future for Aldersgate Church. Put your trust in God and follow Jesus boldly and courageously. God will fulfill His promise.

As I retire, I give thanks to God and all the people who I have served and who have been partners in ministry with me. Thank you and thank you.

I look forward to a new journey in retirement, but I am not retiring from
serving God even though I officially retire. There is no retirement from serving God for the followers of Jesus. As many of you know, I will be serving Livonia United Methodist Church as a part-time pastor. I humbly ask you to keep Jung and me in your prayers. Jung and I will also hold you all with Pastor Yohang Chun and his wife, Joyce, and your new journey in our prayers.

May the grace and peace of the Lord be with you all.

Pastor Sung Ho Lee

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