To all our folks who wear hearing aids, GOOD NEWS!!! The wire you may have noticed on the floor is a “sound loop”. Linked to our microphone system, sound is converted to electromagnetic waves which can be picked up by your hearing aids and basically converts your hearing aids to a headset. To take advantage of this new technology three things need to happen:

First you must have what is called a “t-switch” in your hearing aids. This switch is actually a little button on your aids that you might have wondered about in the past.

This leads me to point number two: when you are in your seat, click that button once and see if you can detect a difference in what you hear. Someone will need to be speaking into a microphone for you to detect a difference. Sitting close to the wire will offer a better chance of picking up a strong signal.

That brings me to the third and final point. All speakers must speak into a microphone for the hearing aids to pick up the sound through the loop.

There’s a lot more I could tell you but this note is meant to simply get you started. Feel free to ask a trustee if you have questions or contact Doug Hess. Good listening!! God bless!

Mr Donald Bataille from Hearing Loops Unlimited will be giving a talk on this new technology at 10:30 a.m., today 10/14/18, in the sanctuary.

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