This year one of the best selling books has been “Heaven Is for Real.” It’s the story of a young boy’s trip to heaven and back. People are fascinated by the promise of everlasting life which is, of course, one of the promises of Jesus. This is certainly an important part of our faith, but the Good News is that we don’t have to wait until we die to receive the blessings of God. In Jesus Christ we can have abundant life, here and now.

What is this abundant life? Too often we think of it in terms of material things. But it has little to do with that. Abundant life is a life that involves loving God and our neighbors. Abundant life is living in and for God; it’s a life filled with meaning and purpose; a life of significance, doing the things that Jesus did as he served “the least of these.”

Throughout the month of October we are doing a church-wide study by Mike Slaughter, a United Methodist Pastor from Dayton, Ohio, called “Change the World”. It’s intended, with God’s help, to challenge us to become more than we are and to make a real difference that will ultimately change us and transform the world. I encourage you to: come to worship each week; join a small group; serve in our community; and enjoy abundant life every day.

In Christ’s love and service,

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