We’re on God’s Team. That’s for Sure!

September has arrived! Liturgically the new church-year calendar begins with Advent Sundays. At Aldersgate, the first Sunday after Labor Day is our Rally Day to mark the beginning of the new church year calendar. So this year, it is September 11. Let us join together in worship on Rally Day. Bring your family! Invite your friends and neighbors! Let us come together to launch our ministries for a new year. Let us join for the Aldersgate ministries.

We have special events for children on Rally Day:

· Blessing of the backpacks

· Presentation of the Bible to the third graders.

Bring your children and grandchildren.

Are you looking for an opportunity to serve God? Please join in the Ministry Fair after the worship services. All ministry groups will be present with information about their ministries. God would be so thrilled to see you serve Him using your gifts and passion for Him. Come and find ministries that you would enjoy and share your talents and gifts.

It will be the first Rally Day since the onset of the COVID pandemic. Let’s come together to rally for Jesus, to strengthen our faith and fellowship in Jesus and grow our church and our ministry.





We’re on God’s team

That’s for sure

That was the cheer for VBS Basketball Camp. Here is the cheer for our
Rally Day:





We’re on GOD’s team

That’s for sure

Aldersgaters! We’re on GOD’s team. That’s for sure. See you all on Rally Day!


Pastor Sung Ho

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