During the summer I read the book “Draw the Circle: The 40 Day Prayer Challenge” by Mark Batterson. I used it as part of my daily devotionals and it was a great reminder for me of the importance of prayer in all that we do as individuals and as a church. The general idea was to “circle” a need with prayer and to keep praying until God answered. God’s answer might not be exactly what we are asking, but if we listen and are open we will see the answer God has for us. It can take days, months, even years to receive an answer but we must persist in prayer. God’s answer is always on time and always the best.

Early during the 40 days, I decided to circle our church finances in prayer and invited members of the church council to join me. Funds are always tight in a church but at the time, things were more tight than usual. Not long after, someone came to me because they were interested in making a large donation in addition to their weekly giving. Later I heard about someone else who is anticipating an inheritance and is also planning to make a large donation. While I know God always answers, I’m amazed and encouraged when God does something more than I ever anticipated and in this case sooner than anticipated. We never know what God will do.

I encourage you to circle the church, our finances and ministries in prayer. Also circle your family and your own concerns. Keep praying and watch for what our faithful, generous, and gracious God will do.

In Christ’s love,

Pastor Anne

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