Greetings! Easter People!

Is Easter over?

No, it has just begun!

Easter is not a one-day thing. Easter Sunday is the beginning of the Easter season. We are Easter people, which means we live by the Easter faith.

Let me share again the story I told in my Easter sermon:

Professional golfer Paul Azinger was diagnosed with cancer at age 33. He wrote about that experience: “A genuine feeling of fear came over me – I could die from cancer. But then another reality hit me even harder: I’m going to die eventually anyway, whether from cancer or something else. I am definitely going to die. It’s just a question of when. Everything I had accomplished in golf became meaningless to me. All I wanted to do was live.”

His friend Larry Moody told him: “We are not in the land of the living going to the land of the dying. We are in the land of the dying trying to get to the land of the living.” It changed his perspective of life and transformed his way of living. He said, “[Now] I know I’ll spend eternity with God and I have a promise that as a child of God He’ll help me deal with anything. He promises to offer me contentment regardless of what life brings, even cancer.”

Easter people! See things unseen, with the eyes of Easter faith. Live out your Easter faith with holy boldness. God will lead you into the future that looks unrealistic.

In May, Aldersgate Church launches a Debt Reduction Campaign for the mort-gage payment. You will get more information soon. Please don’t take this campaign just as money business. It is a spiritual journey. Our church building is not a thing but a living body in which the faith of many faithful people is still alive. God has been deeply involved in this journey.

I strongly encourage you to try to listen to the stories that our church building has, before you think about how much to give. Also reflect on your faith journey focusing on what God has done for you. And then pray on your commitment to this campaign. I hope you may be able to hear from God. Then respond to and give to God joyfully and cheerfully.


Pastor Sung Ho

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