Lenten Journey towards Easter

We are on the Lenten journey.

The church season of Lent is marked by the bookends of Ash Wednesday on one side and Easter on the other. Lent gives Christians the opportunity to prepare for the gifts and glory of Easter by reflecting on our need for God’s salvation and restoration.

Lent is composed of the 40 days between Ash Wednesday and Easter, not including the Sundays of those six weeks. It has long been the practice of the church to understand Sundays as mini-Easters anticipating the Day of Resurrection.

The word Lent comes from the Anglo-Saxon meaning “spring” and is traditionally understood as a time of fasting and penance in preparation for Easter.

Yes, Lent is a time of fasting and penance. But fasting and penance are not the purpose of the Lenten journey. They are the ways that take us to the glory of resurrection.

In other words, the main theme of the Lenten journey is anticipation of resurrection with joy, excitement and hope. But we can also experience the power of resurrection as we journey towards resurrection.

Resurrection is not only the future event. Resurrection is the present reality.
In the season of Lent, let us experience resurrection on our journey towards Easter.

I am so glad to let you know that the sermons for Lent are focused on resurrection, restoration and rebuilding our lives. Come and let us celebrate mini-Easter on our journey towards Easter.

Sermons for March (Lent)

March 5 – Once Was Blind but Now I see; John 9:1-12

March 12 – New Tendons for Dry Bones; Ezekiel 37:1-14

March 19 – Jesus Breaks Our Chains; John 11:38-44

March 26 – The Gospel in Miniature; John 3:16

Pastor Sung Ho

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