I love crocuses — the first flowers to bloom each spring. Their cheery blossoms open when there’s still
snow on the ground. They are the harbingers of spring.

Crocus flowers are the symbol of new life, new beginnings and joy thanks to their early blooming flowers in spring. They give us the conviction that new life and new beginnings come forth even when it seems that there is no hope.

That is what the journey of Lent is about. It begins on Ash Wednesday, March 2 this year. It is a journey from ashes, which are the symbol of death, to the new life of resurrection, which will be celebrated on Easter Sunday — a journey from despair to hope, from fear to courage, from uncertainty to assurance, and from death to life.

On this journey, let us shout joy to the storm — to the storm of despair, fear, uncertainty, death and COVID‐19. I can’t wait to shout joy on Easter morning when we will celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.

The Lenten season is an exciting time with great anticipation of the joy of new life and new beginnings. During Lent, many people give something up that they love — perhaps chocolate, sweets or even using social media. But the purpose of the Lenten journey is not in simply sacrificing or giving up. The goal is to create space in your soul for the gifts of the Easter blessings of new life and new beginnings.

During Lent, Aldersgate Church offers many wonderful opportunities for you to empty and then fill your soul with the gift of the resurrection. Let us join in these events and programs:

  • Sunday Worship (sermon series ‐ Shout Joy to the Storm) — in‐person or online
  • Special Services — Ash Wednesday (March 2 @ 7pm), Maundy Thursday (April 14 @ 7pm), Good Friday (April 15 @ 7pm)
  • Daily Devotion — use daily devotionals such as The Upper Room or The Cup of Salvation (both are available in church) or daily email devotionals from me

Let us empty ourselves so that we can be filled with the gifts of new life and new beginnings. Let us shout joy to the storm.

Pastor Sung Ho

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