Faith of March

March! Is it just me who feels excitement and vibrating energy when we welcome March? The word, March, makes me take a deep breath – the air of March that brings new life, hope and a new beginning. And it feels GREAT!

I know we will have more snow and freezing weather. Of course, the air that I breathe in is actually cold. But the snow and cold weather can’t freeze the spirit of March that has already sprung up in my heart. The new life and new beginning of the spirit of March will not be spoiled but continue to grow.

It’s like a crocus. Crocuses in snow and cold are resilient and will continue their life cycle. The foliage is very cold-durable and can even persist under a thick blanket of snow. Crocus cold damage in new buds is possible, however, as they are a bit more sensitive. Tough little crocus seem to make it through any spring weather event.

As we talk about new beginning, new life and new hope, I would like to remind you that we have just begun our Lenten journey of new life, new beginning and new hope towards the expectation and excitement of Easter Resurrection.

In this Lenten season, I am preaching a sermon series on who Jesus is and what he does for us by reflecting on the passages that are found in the Gospel of John only among four gospels. For more details of the sermon series, please go to Sermons for Lent, Holy Week, Easter. We also have special services in the Holy week: Maundy Thursday service with Communion on Thursday, April 9th at 7 PM and Good Friday service on Friday, April 10th at 7 PM.

Let us join together in the sacred journey to walk along with Jesus to the Last Supper and to the cross. I strongly encourage you to make a commitment to participate in all worship services in this Lenten season so that you can be touched by the power of love, grace and forgiveness and eventually to meet the risen Christ on Easter morning and shout for the victory.

Pastor Sung Ho

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