May God richly bless you through a new year.

The 2020 theme of Aldersgate Church is “Move Beyond Your Comfort Zones.” God wants to bless you. God is more than willing to fill your life with His blessings. Therefore, let us expand our lives so that God may be able to bless us more.

Are you scared to move beyond your comfort zone? Because you can’t see what is out there beyond your comfort zone? Wear a pair of glasses of “faith”.

The “faith” glasses won’t show you everything out there beyond your comfort zone. However, the “faith” glasses will provide the power from God to you so that you can move beyond your comfort zone with courage, excitement and confidence in God who is already out there, waiting for you.

Recently I went to the DMV to renew my driver license and replace it with a Real ID. I was a little concerned about the vision test because my glasses were losing focus. But I passed the test. The letters on the chart were huge. Now I am waiting for the new Real ID to arrive. My glasses bring me the blessing of a Real ID.

But you know what? The “faith” glasses will bring us the blessings from God. But you have to move beyond your comfort zones because new possibilities are out there. Good news is, God is already out there, waiting for you. This exciting race is set before us as we start a new year.

Travel light. Leave the old baggage behind. Throw off baggage like resentment, bitterness, anger, bad habits, bad lifestyles that weigh you down. And move beyond your comfort zones.

I want to say thank you for all you have done for Aldersgate Church in 2019. We have done many amazing ministries: inspiring worship services, loving and caring fellowship, compassionate mission and outreach programs such as community dinner, white gifts, purchasing of farm land in the refugee camp in Africa… Of course, VBS was a great success.

Thank you for all your support and sacrifice for Aldersgate Church. We did it together.

In 2020, let us carry on our wonderful ministry and grow and expand our ministry beyond our comfort zone. As we grow our church and ministry, our lives will also grow.

Rich blessings to you and your family,

Pastor Sung Ho

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