Greetings to an Exultation of Aldersgaters!

An exultation of Aldersgaters? You might be wondering what I mean if you did not hear my sermon on June 12th. In my sermon I talked about the names that are given for groups of animals.

  • A group of lions is called a “pride of lions.” I’m sure you know this.
  • What about the toads—those squatty, warty-skinned little amphibians? A group of toads is called a knot of toads.
  • Do you know what a group of skylarks is called? Not just a flock, but an exaltation of larks or an exultation of larks.
  • A pool of tadpoles is meant to become a knot of toads. But that is not our future. That’s not what God wants us to be. God wants us to be an exultation of Aldersgaters.

Aldersgate Church has been working together to become an exultation of
Aldersgaters again as we move into the post-pandemic life. Now we have coffee hour (fellowship hour) every Sunday. What a joy to have fellowship in the gathering space and to see children running around. Now everyone is
welcome to join in singing. At the contemporary service, children come to the front to join in singing with tambourines and dancing. We began to pass the offering plate. The Community Dinner Team is planning on dining in the Ide Center in July and possibly in June depending on their readiness. I am thrilled to have a 4-Day VBS this year with Bible lessons, fun activities, and Basketball Camp. I am excited about moving forward here at Aldersgate Church.

Won’t you be a part of this “exultation of Aldersgaters?” I encourage you to pray about returning to church if you have not returned to worship in person yet. We know some of you are not ready yet to worship in person with health-related concerns even though you really want to be back. We respect and
honor your discernment, and we appreciate you being an active part of an
exultation of Aldersgaters in many other ways. I hope someday you will join for worship in person, which I look forward to.

Is it too early to talk about September? Just one thing. September 11 is Rally Day. I hope and pray that we all come together to rally for Jesus. We are an exultation of Aldersgaters! May God richly bless you and your family with
summer blessings!

Pastor Sung Ho

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