Thank you so much for the amazing love you have showered Jung and me with. We are so blessed to serve you and Aldersgate Church. Thanks be to God. You all have made this summer very special. But it has gone way too quickly.

It reminds me of a poem:

Lord: it’s time. The summer was magnificent.
Lay your shadows upon the sun-dials
and o’er the isles allow your winds to vent.
Command the final fruits to be full and fine;
give them two more days in the southern sun,
push them to completion and then run
the last sweetness through the heavy wine.
– From Autumn Day, Rainer Maria Rilke

Let’s give thanks and praise to God for all the wonderful blessings of summer that God has poured upon us. Let’s welcome another great season and join together in working a harvest, not in the winery but in the church. It’s time to shift gears from P (beach or lake) to D (church) to work a harvest for our souls and for our church and its ministry.

Have you been away from the church? Maybe it’s the time to go back to church and back to God.

Have you not been involved in church activities even though you have attended church quite regularly? Would you consider being more active by joining the choir, small group or mission project?

Are you very actively involved in the life of the church? But do you feel like your energy and passion are getting low? Do you think you need to recharge your soul and refill your heart with God’s love and excitement?

Let us join together to boost your souls and faith and rally for Jesus on Back to Church Rally Day.

Think of your neighbors, friends and coworkers. Do any of them really need God? September is the month of back to God and back to Church. Pray for them and bring them with you on September 9th, Back to Church Rally Day.

A sermon series, Awakening: Finding Your Way Back to God, begins. The schedule of the series is found on page 3 of the Hinge. Before or after the service, please check out ministry opportunities in the Ide Center.

When your faith grows, God works more actively in your life. When you give your heart to church, attending worship service regularly and participating in programs and activities, your faith grows.

Aldersgate Church! Let us rally for Jesus! See you all on September 9th.

Blessings, Sung Ho

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